Import your contacts into Skype

What is Synqit

Synqit saves your time by importing contacts from various address books into Skype. You can easily use SkypePhone, make VoIP SkypeOut calls, conferencing and SMS sending over Skype with all your contacts stored in different sources.

Synqit workflow

Why would I purchase Synqit if Skype already provides import of contacts?

Synqit is designed for smooth import of your contacts from different address books. It supports additional import sources, such as mobile phones and Plaxo. Synqit converts local phone numbers to the international format required by Skype and recognizes different phone types, such as Work, Mobile, Home etc. Read more »

Synqit is not a synchronization but import only tool.

You can download a free trial and buy full version for $9.50.

Supported address books

The current SynqIt implementation supports import of contacts from the following sources:

  • Gmail™ and Google Apps™: import Gmail™ and Google Apps™ contacts into Skype. Check our online demo. You can import contacts from Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile into Skype using Gmail™ and Synqit, read more »
  • Microsoft® Outlook®: import Outlook contacts to Skype from any Mailbox, Personal or Public Outlook folder, check our online demo
  • Mobile & cell phone contacts: import mobile contacts using Synchronization (SyncML) server, read more »
  • Plaxo: import of Plaxo contacts into Skype
  • MemoToo: Web based address book that provides synchronization with a broad range of mobile phones including IPhone, Android, Blackberry devices and a lot of other contact sources, read more ».

This product uses the Skype API but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Skype.