Contact segregation

I've just downloaded the trial version and so far think it's a pretty good tool.

One thing I've noticed and hope that it's something I've done wrong and not the design of Synqit - When contacts are synced, those with more than one number have multiple contacts in Skype created. I would rather all the info and numbers for one contact in GMail be syncd with Skype the same wan and not split.

Is this something I've missed?



Contact segregation

Hi Brent,

You didn't missed anything. Synqit splits one GMail contact with multiple phones to multiple Skype contacts.
Though we would like to provide "one Gmail contact to one Skype contact", Skype is limiting us to do it. Skype Api, that Synqit uses, does not provide possibility to add more phone numbers to a contact.

You can try built in Skype contacts import, that can do this but has any limitations.

Regards, Andrej
Synqit team

Problem with contact emails

Hi, I had the same problem with my contact emails on my skype contacts. Is there any solutions to improve the version of skype contacts in the future, in order to add more phones to our contacts ? Best regards,

Problem with contact emails


This is limitation of Skype API. So, this is impossible until Skype will change the API.

Cheers, Andrej
Synqit team