Create new Mobile source

  1. On the welcome page, click Next.

    The first wizard page

  2. Select Import contacts from your mobile phone and click Next.

    During the import, an intermediate Synchronization (SyncML) server is used. SyncML server is a third-party server that supports synchronization with mobile phones over internet. You will first synchronize your mobile contacts with one of the SyncML servers. Synqit copies contacts from the SyncML server into Skype. You do not need to install any additional software on you mobile phone.

    Current Synqit version supports only Vodafone 360, a free Synchronization (SyncML) server with a broad range support of mobile phones and mobile operators.

    The second wizard page

  3. Synchronize your phone with Vodafone 360 server, remember your username and password. Click Next.

    Synchronize with server

    If you have problems with synchronization check help on Vodafone 360 help. You can also ask our support forum for help.

  4. You can leave the Connection name unchanged or specify the name you prefer. Enter username and password of your Vodafone 360 registration. Test connection. Click Next if the test was successful.

    Username-password wizard page

  5. During this step you can configure conversion of imported phone numbers to the international format required by Skype. Read more on Converters settings. Select Skype fax numbers during import option if you don't want to import fax numbers. Click Next.

    Convertors page screenshot

Proceed with importing contacts into Skype