Synqit 1.15

Synqit 1.15 supports OAuth 2.0 authentication for Gmail and Google Apps contacts import.

That means that there is no need to provide your Google account and password to Synqit. Find more about OAuth 2.0 authentication on Google Developer platform.

Synqit 1.14

New version fixes an error appeared during importing contacts from Gmail and Google Apps.

Other improvements: minor bug-fixes and GUI enhancements.

Skype announces extending support for Desktop API

Good news: Skype have announced an extending support for Desktop API. That means that Synqit will work with future versions of Skype also after December 2013. The newest version of Skype does not show "stop working in December 2013" warning any more.

Synqit 1.13

New version supports import from MemoToo address book.

What's new:

  1. Added new import source MemoToo address book. MemoToo provides synchronization with a broad range of mobile phones and a lot of other address books, read more ».
  2. Minor bug-fixes and GUI enhancements

Synqit 1.12

New version supports mobile contacts import from Vodafone 360.

Since Zyb service will be substituted by Vodafone 360 on 31 July, Synqit 1.12 introduced a new import source from Vodafone 360. Check step-by-step instructions for importing Vodafone 360 contacts to Skype by using Synqit.

Zyb is still supported by Synqit. You can use both, Zyb and Vodafone 360, to import sources during the migration period.

Synqit 1.11

New version supports contacts import from a specific Gmail™ group.

Synqit 1.11 has a new option to import Gmail™ contacts from the whole address book or from a specific group only.

Synqit 1.10

New version supports Outlook phone number extensions

What's new:

  1. Added new option to remove phone number extensions for Outlook contacts.
  2. Minor bug-fixes and GUI enhancements

SkypeSync was renamed to Synqit

In order to bring our application in compliance with Skype terms and condition, we renamed SkypeSync to SynqIt. We also changed our web domain from to

Find more info on how to upgrade from SkypeSync to Synqit.

Withdrawal of Skype Users import

To avoid sending of automatic invitation to a new Skype User imported from Plaxo and Yahoo!, SkypeSync withdraws import of Skype Users starting with version Only import of phone numbers is currently supported.

We plan to provide optional import of Skype Users in a future release.

SkypeSync 1.8

New version supports import from Plaxo

What's new:

  1. Import from Plaxo Address Book.
  2. SkypeSync supports new option: "Skip fax numbers during import".
  3. Minor bug-fixes and GUI enhancements