Planned features for future releases

  • Two way sync with Gmail
  • Supporting more SyncML servers, such as funanbol, (based on funanbol). Other suggestions?
  • Import contacts from file
  • Sync contacts with LDAP
  • Sync contacts with MSN Hotmail
  • Sync contacts with Facebook

Feel free to suggest new functionality or vote for planned feature by leaving a comment.

2-Way Sync Gmail & Skype Contacts


I wish that We could truly SYNC our Gmail and Skype Contacts.

If not, could We import our Skype Contacts INTO Gmail?

Thanks for advising!

2-Way Sync Gmail & Skype Contacts

Hi Rykel,

Thank you for your feed back.
We are working on this functionality to allow two-way sync between Gmail contacts and Skype.

Regards, Andrej

Yahoo! import

Yahoo Address Book import is implemented in SkypeSync 1.7

Gmail, Cell phone, Skype

What I would need:
- two-way sync between Gmail and Skype contacts
- two-way sync between Cell phone and Skype contacts
I would buy it right away if it does this.
Drop me an email as soon as this new features are implemented.

Gmail, Cell phone, Skype

Thank you for your feedback. We move up the feature in SkypeSync with list.
You can subscribe to SkypeSync RSS feed to be notified about new features and releases:

2-way syncML support

If you had 2-way syncML support, so I could keep my Skype contacts actually synced with all my regular contacts on my syncML server account (and then onto all the other devices and computers I use), I would buy this in a heartbeat!

2-way syncML support

Thank you for your feedback. The two-way sync with Skype is not simple solution, since Skype requires phone number conversion and support only one field for contact description.
We are working on this feature. For the beginning, we plan to support one-way sync from Skype to SyncML and Google.
Stay tuned.

Needless import functions

Please please don't waste your time on all those import functions. All of them are available on the various SyncML servers out there in one way or another.

I mean, you support, right? It has facebook import built in! It took me 10 seconds to run it.

Zyb (and scheduleworld and others) will also do file imports easily.

GMail Contact import

Google GMail Contact import is implemented in SkypeSync 1.6