Privacy policy


We use cookies to track where you arrived at from as this information is useful for our marketing. If you aren’t happy with this, you can configure your browser to not accept cookies from

No spyware, malware or adware

Our software doesn’t include any kind of spyware, malware or adware. The only network communication it makes automatically is to check for more recent versions of the software.

Skype integration

When you grant our application an access to your Skype instance, we will not collect any private data from your Skype account.

Saved credentials

Synqit desktop application may save your encrypted address book credentials to enable you a convenient recurring synchronizations. We use Microsoft® Data Protection API (DPAPI) for credentials encryption. DPAPI is built-in in the Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and guarantees that encrypted data can be decrypted only by the same Windows user. Your credentials are saved on your local disk, they never appear in logs or sent outside your desktop. The only exception is the synchronization with an address book over the secure HTTPS protocol.