SkypeSync 1.7

New version supports import from Yahoo!® Address Book  read more »

Fixed installation problem

Error message: The application requires that assembly office version  read more »

SkypeSync goes commercial

New version of SkypeSync is released: SkypeSync 1.4.  read more »

Syncronization problem is solved

Good news: the problem with contacts importing is solved.  read more »

Problems during contacts import

Currently, there is a problem during contacts import.  read more »

SkypeSync Beta3 is out

New version is out with some new enhancements and bug-fixes.  read more »

Helpfull info added

Step-by-step guide was released to help you start using SkypeSync.
National specific converters settings section was released to help you in phone numbers conversion.

Beta2 is out

The first beta version has problems with connecting to after 16.01.2008,  read more »

The first beta release is out

The first SkypeSync beta is out under the version  read more »

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